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This fabulous loud black leopard colt is a 2022 son of Wakons Snow Leopard x STJ Fire Diamond proudly bred by Tara & Steve Jansen of Sherwood park near Edmonton, Alberta.  He is travelling to Kamloops to Wing Hawk Appaloosa in the fall.

His pedigree includes some of the great old foundation bloodlines including the Toby and Patchy bloodlines, Stud Spider, Navajo Britches, Double Six Domino, Mansfields Comanche, Wakons Lady Alder, Still Max.

His bloodlines also carry some of the greatest modern foundation bloodlines from Messer, Scripter and Ulrich breeding including:  CA Diamonds Toby, Messers Kid Diamond, Apaches Kid Galahad, Apache, and Chubs Powderface the first herd sire of the Great Appaloosa breeder Frank Scripter ("It was time to find a stallion as his herd sire. Frank (Scripter) really investigated what was available and finally chose Chub's Powderface, bred by John Taylor of Montana. Powderface had been the high selling colt at the National Sale as a yearling - selling for $3700. Frank would keep the best of Powderface's daughters").

Snow x Fire Diamond  colt's pedigree includes the great Peppers Shamrock (sire of the great Money Creeks Rockledge) to the infamous Ghostwind Stallions of the Nez Perce, Ulrichs Many Coups, Navajos Candy.

He also carries the Pratt and Sully bloodline, including Pratt Sully Fire and Bambi and Sundance 500. 

Snow Diamond July 19 looking back

STJ Fire Diamond x Wakons Snow Leopard 2022 black leopard colt born May 2022

A huge thank you to Tara & Steve Jansen the proud breeders of this fabulous correct, and balanced loud with great bone black leopard colt born May 2022, ApHc registration pending, FAHR eligible, sired by Wakons Snow Leopard ApHc. His dam is STJ Fire Diamond ApHc. He is 5 panel neg by parents. Retained by Judy Kelly.
STJ Fire Diamond ApHc 100% foundation bred, GAP 5 eligible, EE, aa, neg for cream and all other dilutes. n/LP, n/PATN1. 15HH, carries Pratt Sully Fire (Bred by Alice Pratt), Chubs Powderface (Scripter stallion) and Apaches Kid Galahad (bred by Frank Scripter) bloodlines. Also carries Ulrich, Toby, Patchy, Knobby bloodlines, Siri Sheik to the Ghostwind Stallions of the Nez Perce.
Wakons Snow Leopard 97% foundation bred, Ee, aa, neg for cream and all other dilutes. n/LP, n/PATN1. 15.1HH. Carries Great Old foundation bloodlines. Intense Blanket and Leopard spotty Appaloosa breeding.


We are pleased to introduce Wakons Snow Leopard's new foal arrivals for 2022.  
This colt (photo above) born May 18 Dam: STJ Fire Diamond. Sire: Wakons Snow Leopard. Proudly bred by STJ Acres of Alberta.  This handsome boy is moving to Kamloops BC in the fall after weaning.

Ebony with LadyG filly April 19 2022copyright

Wakons Ebony Rose with Wakons Snow Leopard x  MesersLadyGalahad 2022 filly


Wakons Snow Leopard (rear above photo) x Messers Lady Galahad (front) pregnant for a 2022 April foal.

We have had several losses during this foaling year with the very tragic loss of Messers Lady Galahad at age 20 and her 2022 filly foal due to foaling complications.  The filly was Magnificent.  Her coat color and pattern were a loud colored black near Leopard. She was huge at 44 inches at the withers with elbow and shoulders locked. With veterinarian assistance, we were able to move the foal out not surviving her first breath, and LadyG was humanely resting in peace - we were not able to save her due to an internal bleed.  

Lady Galahads last foal was born in 2020 a huge few spot filly, residing in Canada.

Serene July2022.jpg

Wakons Serene Snow expecting end of July 2022 foal with Wakons Snow Leopard.

Serene with 2021 filly (below).
Serene's 2019 stud black leopard colt (below).


Wakons Serene Snow with 2021 black filly with spotty from hips to shoulders (sold).

serene with 2021 filly
Serene's 2019 colt side

Wakons Serene Snow x Wakons Regal Stone 2019 colt. as Marlene Ross Wakon Appaloosa farm, Wa in 2022

Serene's 2019 colt

Wakons Regal Rock foaled 2019
Dam: Wakons Serene Snow
Sire: Wakons Regal Rock


Meg browns  CC Dark Crystal x Wakons Snow Leopard 5 born may 10 with mom

Wakons Snow Leopard x CCA Dark Crystal filly (Above photo)
born may 10, 2022  Proud Owner Meg Brown of Alberta.  This fabulous filly is being retained by her owner.  The filly's dam is pending sale. please Contact MB Appaloosa & Livestock on Facebook for more information.


Snow x STJ Wolf Honi Image filly

Wakons Snow Leopard x STJ Wolf Honi Image filly 2022 (above photo). Proudly being retained by STJ Acres, of Alberta.


lilly lyonheart solid black filly 2022

Wakons Snow Leopard x Lilly Lyonheart solid black filly (above photo).  Sold.  Proudly bred by STJ Acres, Alberta.


full spotted filly with mom Vista Spoted Robe

Wakons Snow Leopard x Vista Spoted Robe 2022 foal (above photo). This fabulous filly is being retained by the proud breeder STJ Acres Alberta.


Wakons Snow Leopard x Makis Williwa Sue 2022 few spot colt. Wow, look at this boy! Sale pending.

Makis Williwa Sue x snow 2022 colt few spot front face 07 3

Wakons Snow Leopard x Makis Williwa Sue 2022 few spot colt. Wow. He is a beauty.  Sale pending.


Wakons Snow Leopard x Makis Williwa Sue 2022 few spot colt (above photo). This boy has a "crazy amount of bone and substance, he has both great personality and authentic ability to do it all." as per his proud breeder STJ Acres, Alberta.  This fabulous colt is Sale pending.  Please contact Tara Jansen of STJ Acres on Facebook for more information.


snow cap filly with STJ Sugar n Nutmeg mom

Wakons Snow Leopard x STJ Sugar N Nutmeg 2022 filly (above photo) proudly bred by STJ Acres, Alberta. Steve & Tara Jansen, Alberta.  Tara confirms a deposit has been received for this beauty. Sale pending.

YM Spectacular Sioux colt July 7 couple hrs old

YM Spectacular Sioux x Wakons Snow Leopard solid black colt with white snippet (symbolic of his unicorn horn) arrived July 7.  He is a couple of hours old in this photo by Tara Jansen STJ Acres owner of mare and colt. Wow, Big, correct and with bone from his sire. Drogon has sold.

Sioux s big Snow colt Drogon July 10

YM Spectacular Sioux with her colt 3 days old July 9 2022.  Sire: Wakons Snow Leopard.  This fabulous big boy has Sold.