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Wakons Serene Snow expecting 2022 foal with Wakons Snow Leopard


Wakons Serene Snow


Wakons Serene Snow

Our beauty, Wakons Serene Snow is an old soul with well rounded sweet personality.  Stick measured 15.2hh.  Big and hardy build great boned mare.

Serene's 2021 foal born May 21, 2021. Loud black spots over hips to shoulders. Sire of foal: Wakons Snow Leopard.   

Wakons Serene Snow Color: blk Aphc #648688

97% Foundation Bred. Sold by Marlene Ross Of Darrington WA in spring of 2020. 

ApHc and ICAA registered. 

Serene carries some of the Great old foundation appaloosa bloodlines with intense leopard and blanket genetics.  Her bloodlines also include the famous Siri Sheik a direct descendant of the Ghostwind Stallions of the Nez Perce.

Of the noteworthy stallions that shaped the Quarter Horse world, Serene's bloodlines carry the famous sires Joe Hancock, Three Bars(TB), Wimpy and Leo.

Wakons Serene Snow

EE, aa, 5 panel tested negative

n/PANT1, LP/lp, neg for cream

ApHc FPD 97%

ICAA F3-2779

Bred by Wakon Appaloosas in Washington state, USA.  Serene "comes from the sweetest (personality) horse bloodlines."

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Wakons Serene Snow with 2021 filly



Wakons Serene Snow x Wakons Snow Leopard






Wakons Serene Snow pedigree interesting facts

Wakons Serene Snow registered Appaloosa mare is 97% Foundation bred.

However, Serene carries outstanding bloodlines of Appaloosa and QH famous names:

Leopard Cortez, Morgan’s Leopard, Old Fred, Apache, Peter McCue,  Steel Dust, Bambi E, Stud Spider,

The Tobys, Pratt Toby Secret, Knobby, Mansfields Comanche, Double Six Domino, Navajo Britches, Starbuck Leopard, Simcoes Sarcee,

On Sire’s side she carries, Leopard Cortez x2 and Morgans Leopard x3, Mansfield Commance and Starbuck Leopard.

On her Dam’s side she carries the great Apache.

Serene carries the desirable Siri Sheik stallion. He goes back to the Ghostwind Stallions Winged Hawk 1872, Spotted Eagle and Fire Eyes of the Nez Perce.

Serene also carries bloodlines of Old Blue from Sam Fisher and Sam Fisher Herd Mares  line of the Palouse Tribe Washington. 

Serene carries bloodlines of :

Wimpy, the first QH to be Registered.

Apache, Wapiti, Joker B -All ApHC Hall of Famers.

Old Sorrel, King and Joe Hancock -  all AQHA Hall of Famers.

More information of the Bloodlines carried in Serene's pedigree:

Old Sorrel was one of the greatest cow horses on the King Ranch.

Three Bars (TB) was the leading sire of racing Quarter Horses.

Man O’ War was Considered one of the greatest race horses of all time.

Matador Sheik to Sanskrit to Old Fred QH  –

Old Fred: He was a chestnut/palomino, a heavily built horse with classic draft markings and conformation. This old boy is responsible for a lot of noted Quarter Horses such as Skipper W, the majority of the Peavy herd and a lot of Coke Roberds program. In Appaloosas he's behind Bright Eyes Brother, Bobbie N, Ding Bob, Bob H and other noted horses. When you look at the achievements of his descendants, there are more Old Fred horses in the ApHC Hall of Fame than any other bloodline. Usually when you find Old Fred in a pedigree you find him more than once as the Peavys and Coke Roberds were firm believers in inbreeding. Bobbie N has him multiple times, as does Skipper W, both top and bottom. Of course the Quarter Horse people don't like to admit Old Fred was a draft horse, but it's pretty hard to deny when you look at him. The rest is Quarter Horse history, he sired the horses that helped build the breed. (This section on Old Fred credit to fb post by ASHDA Feb 2022). 



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Wakons Serene Snow Aug 2020
Wakons Serene Snow Aug 2020
Wakons Snow Leopard, Wallowa andSerene
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SereneSnowas youngerWakonAppaloosa
SereneSnowAT WakonAppaloosa
Serene top with Snow festive
Serenes 2021 filly