Wakons Snow Leopard arrives back home 5am August 2021.  "Welcome home big guy."
Loud great minded Black leopard Appaloosa stallion with great old foundation bloodlines -  a stud worthy of his mares.  
Stick measured 15.1+HH at withers. Carries a full thick mane and tail.
6 panel tested negative. Ee, aa. Neg for cream, neg for cream gene, neg for grey and negative for all other color dilutes by Animal Genetics. His leopard pattern is: n/LP, n/PATN1.
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Snow Summer 2020 (Just arrived from Washington)

Wakons Snow Leopard
Wakons Snow Leopard prancing for his lady Wallowa

ApHC registered 97% foundation based on the first 30 Registered Appaloosa horses in his pedigree.

FAHR #1092 at 80.46% traceable to the first 8 Appaloosa stud books of ApHC. 

ICAA registered, F3 -  3rd generation Reg Appaloosa x  Reg Appaloosa.

June to August 2021 Snow Leopard stood at STJ Acres, Sherwood park near Edm, Alberta. For STJ Acres mares covered by Snow Leopard during 2021 breeding season, contact tara@stjacres.com.

 Wakons Snow Leopard black leopard stallion 15.1hh at withers. Ee, aa, neg for cream gene, neg for grey and all other dilutes, n/LP, n/PATN1, 6 panel tested negative by Animal Genetics.

"His photos do him no Justice."  

"He was a gentlemen at all times."

"The foals love him."


Wakons Snow Leopard in Canada July 2020
WakonsSnowLeopard Reg Front .jpg
wakonsSnowL Linebreed.jpg
Snow Leopard with name tag_o.jpg

Wakons Snow Leopard aka Snow

WH WakonSnowRockNugget.jpg

Wakons Snow Leopard x Wakons Serene Snow 2021 filly (above)


Wakons Snow Leopard Sire: Still Max (below)

RefsireSTILL MAX.jpg

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