We are expecting a Wakon 4th generation bloodline black based foal end of April/early May. Dam: Wakons Serene Snow. Sire: Wakons Snow Leopard.

Serene is Homozygous for black EE,  no Agouti influence aa and neg for Cream.

Snow Leopard is Heterozygous for Black Ee, No agouti influence aa and neg for Cream.

Bloodlines of our expected 2021 foal include:

Blazin Britches 2x,

Simcoes Pataha 4x,

Running Waters 2x.

Storm Cloud 7x,

Nugget Jim 2x,

Prince Plaudit 2x, Red Plaudit 3x,

Navajo Britches x3,

Toby I 4x, Toby II x2

Joker B 3x,

Patchy 6x, Patchy Jr. 4x,

Simcoe's Snowy Rock 2x.

For those folks looking for QUARTER HORSE bloodlines include

Red Dog x2 

-Red Dog QH goes to the legendary Steel Dust 1843 QH. (Red Dog carried an appaloosa gene LP as per All Breed Pedigree). 

- Each Red Dog crosses with Steel Dust x5.

including Joker B  ApHc 3x.

-Each Joker B ApHc goes to Steel Dust x5 crosses.

Cherokee Maiden QH 1942 X2,

-Each Cherokee Maiden goes to Steel Dust x6 crosses.

Robin Reed 1949 x2 crosses. Robin Reed is an own son of Leo 1940 QH and a Grandson of Joe Reed 1921QH #0000003.

-Each Robin Reed QH is crossed 3x with Joe Reed QH.


Black leopard mare 15.2hh with some of the greatest old foundation bloodlines including Wakons Navajo Eagle, Wakons precious gem, Wakons SnowEagle, Blazin Britches, Navajo Britches, Stud Spider, Nugget Jim, Spotted Jim, Nugget Again, Wapiti, Pratt Toby Secret, Secret Pyramid, Tobyanna, Pratt Chelsea Fire, Kemos Fire Shadow, Princes Playboy, King Plaudit, Prince Plaudit, Red Plaudit, Red Eagle, Double-Six Domino, Mansfields Commanche, Joker B.

Check back for foal updates and photos. 


ApHc Loud Black leopard stallion with some of the greatest old bloodlines including Still Max, Kaniksus Katracks, Red Eagle x9, Prince Plaudit, SS Still There, SS Stillwater, SS Rain Water, Simcoes Pataha x4, Simcoes Sarcee, Old Painter, Wakons Lacybritches, Blazin Britches, Wakons Lady Ander, Mansfields Commanche x3, Joker B 2x, Storm Cloud 6x, Patchy jr 4x, Patchy 9x, Toby I 3x, Toby II 2x.

Check back in for foal updates and photos. 


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